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Name: xiao hong
Tel: +86-0731-89745701
Fax: +86-0731-89998000
Mobile: +86-13975805576
Add: Room 369,xingyao,Changsha City,Hunan Province,China ,hunan Province,China
MSN: Skype: shuguangtubes ҷϢ ҷϢ


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Posted Time:2014-8-8 2:29:04
Hans Kroeger says:One of the two ShuGuang 300B-Z tubes ordered and paid in advance arrived here with a crack in the glass (see photo). My repeated requests to exchange this tube for an intact replacement or to return both tubes for a full refund of my money have remained unanswered. I now see no other way than to publish my experience with Leisure Audio on the World Wide Web for all audio enthusiasts in the world to see and beware. Reply:
Posted Time:2014-7-29 19:36:01
Thomas Neumann says:Dear Sirs, please let me ask you following. You offer the Product Tj Full music 300B/n/2.5V new vacuum tube with the Price:$192. Is this for one tube or for the matched pair? What is the shipping fee for send it to Germany and what payment do you except (Paypal)? With best regards, Thomas Neumann Reply:
Posted Time:2014-3-7 10:30:30
linda says:hi i am interested in your products. Reply:
Posted Time:2013-12-10 17:13:14
Анатолий says:Cколько стоит доставка в Украину 845В? Reply:
Posted Time:2013-5-11 23:52:24
Sameer kumar says:Hi I have received 300B-Z pair. I appreciate your quick email communicatin,robust packing and finally properly matched pair of tubes. Looking forward to buy 12ax7-t very soon Thanks Sameer Reply:thanks,my friend,for your great trust.welcome you and your friend to our store regards.
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